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PROflo Standard Felt

IFM’s PROflo™ filter bag series features 100% thermally bonded construction and fiber-free surface treatment complete with our polyformSEAL™ top retainer for excellent sealing characteristics.  Industry standard sizes are in stock for immediate shipment. 


PROflo+ Extended Life

PROflo+ Extended Life felt filter bags provide longer service life resulting in reduced operating costs and process downtime.  Their unique fibre blend offers 2 to 5 times the dirt holding capacity of traditional felt material. 100% thermally bonded construction and our PolyformSEAL™ top retainer provides excellent sealing capability in most industry standard filter bag housings.



FORMflo The Perfect Fit

IFM’s FORMflo™ felt filter bag series transforms the standard bulky steel ring filter bag into an element formed for “The Perfect Fit.”  Our proprietary media-forming process creates a filter bag which uses a conventional steel ring retainer combined with a body formed to fit a conventional retainer basket perfectly, without the excess bulk of a conventional steel ring filter bag. 


NETflo Filament Mesh

IFM’s NETflo™ Filament Mesh filter bags are designed for surface filtration where a defined pore opening is desired.  Economical polyester multifilament, precise nylon and polypropylene monofilament media's available.


PUREflo High Efficiency

IFM’s PUREflo™ High Efficiency filter bags have been designed for demanding applications that require critical particle size retention and dirt holding capacity.  Constructed from chemically resistant polypropylene microfibre for a wide range of process applications, PUREflo™ filter bags can achieve particle retention efficiency of up to 99.9%† 


CLEARflo Oil Adsorbing

IFM’s CLEARflo™ oil adsorbent filters are designed to remove a full range of non-emulsified oil and dirt from a process stream.  They include the POMB, PSORB, OWS, and 500 Series filter configurations


CLEARflo Oil Adsorbing-POMB

POMB oil adsorbing filters combine standard felt and a polypropylene microfibre layer for non-emulsified oil adsorption in non-critical applications. They are available in the standard (OA) and light (OALT) configuration.


CLEARflo Oil Adsorbing-PSORB

PSORB series filters offer enhanced oil removal capability due to a specially blended microfiber core which dramatically increases the available surface area for oil adsorption.


CLEARflo Oil Adsorbing-OWS

For maximum retrieval of trace amounts of oil, the OWS Activated Carbon filter bag offers the best holding capacity of all the oil-adsorbing filter bags.

CLEARflo Oil Adsorbing-500 SERIES

500 series filter bags incorporate multiple layers of filtration media to provide more total available surface area as compared to a standard single layer filter bag.

500 Series

ECOflo Recycled Fibers

The ECOflo™ line of liquid filter bag products was developed based on the new ECOflo felt media.  Made from regenerated and post-consumer fibers, the ECOflo felts provide excellent value and reliability for non-critical liquid filtration applications.


STARflo Doubles Filtration

The STARflo filter bag allows you to install double the filtration surface area of your standard filter bag housing.

The unique design of the STARflo retainer basket allows for greater surface while maintaining the traditional filter bag profile.  

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