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Liquid Filter Bag Housings

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  • IFM offers a full line of liquid filter bag vessels, including single, duplex and multi-round configurations in a wide range of materials and finishes

  • PEAK filter vessels are engineered for reliability and ease of use

  • PEAK vessels can be fabricated for applications ranging from non-critical to highly specialized fluid processes

  • Options are available for various entry and exit configurations which allows full customization

  • PEAK filter bag housings are available in size 1,2,3 and 4

Filter Vessels & Baskets


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Multiround Housing

Side Entry

Size 2 Side Entry

Top Entry

Top Entry Filter Vessel


Sanitary Housing


PEAK filter vessels are available in single and multi-round in sizes 1,2,3 and 4


Material of construction:

Filter Vessel:                 .304 Stainless Steel, .316 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Polypropylene, Non-code                                       Sanitary housings

Replacement Parts:     O-rings, Retainer Baskets, Eye-bolt sets, Omega Spring, Displacement                                                         balloons, Magnetic inserts, Pressure gauges

POLYflo filter vessel comes complete with all of the basic components ready to set up and use.

• Economical

• Operator friendly with easy use threaded lid

• Compact lightweight design

• Smooth seamless internal surface for easy cleanability

• Robust polypropylene support basket

POLYflo filter bags are available in a variety of materials and micron ratings and are constructed with a friction fit flange for bypass free filtration.

Vessel Replacement Components
Replacement Baskets


PEAK filter vessels can be used in virtually any application

Peak Filter Housing Spec Pages


POLYflo Filter Housing Spec Pages

PEAL Vessels Nomenclature
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