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  • High-quality polyester, polypropylene and nylon mesh

  • Multifilament and monofilament mesh 

  • Silicone free media for paint and automotive applications

  • Precision surface filtration

  • PolyformSEAL™ retainer is made from chemically resistant FDA compliant polypropylene resin and offers a unique four-point positive seal

  • Capable of replacing PALL, FSI, Eaton 3M, GAF filter bags


Polypropylene monofilament mesh filter bag series is available in 1 - 800 microns

Nylon monofilament mesh filter bag series is available in 1 - 1200 microns

Polyester multifilament mesh filter bag series is available in 1 - 2000 microns

Material of construction:

Filter media:                  Polypropylene monofilament mesh (PPMO), Nylon monofilament                                             mesh (NMO), Polyester multifilament mesh (PEM)

Retainer Options:          Polypropylene PolyformSEAL™, zinc plated steel ring, stainless                                               steel ring custom plastic flange


Typical applications suited to NETflo filter bags include:


  • Automotive

  • Food and beverage

  • Petrochemical

  • Paint, coatings, ink and adhesives

  • Oil and gas


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