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COVID-19 Updates

Updated on: 06/02/2022 8:30am

Visitor Restrictions at our facility:

Visitors are permitted inside the building in compliance with COVID protocols.


Sales and Customer Service:

Sales staff travel and customer service site visits are only being permitted when virtual visits can't be done.  Our goal is to still utilize technology to communicate and service customers as much as possible.  We have a person available to answer your call personally and direct you to a customer service team member. 


Raw materials and components:

Raw materials and components continue to increase in cost and lengthen in delivery.  We continue to review the delivery and cost implications and will provide customers with updated information as it becomes necessary.


Production capacity:

The impact of Covid continues to impose production challenges.   Please have patience as we continue to do our best to maximize output during this difficult time.  Our shift schedules have increased and we are regularly hiring production team members. Additionally, we have made significant investments in equipment to improve getting filters on the shelf and out the door.  Do not hesitate to contact us to answer questions on a specific product, quantity, and date requirements. 


Thank you for your trust in IFM and continued support during this global crisis.  We wish everyone good health and safety.


Please refer to this page regularly to keep updated.

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